King-Ludwig-Way 2020
- the original hiking tour since 1977 
(8 - days)

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Ludwig II. - the "Fairytale King"

Ludwig II was not quite 19 years of age when, in 1864, he became King of Bavaria. The grandson of Ludwig I was an exceptionally sensitive an d romantic idealist, a monarch who didn't really fit into his era.
He had barely taken up office when he bestowed many favorrs on Richard Wagner who was being hunted by his creditors. The composer thanked him this by composing magnificent operas.
The emotianal and excentric correspondence between the King and the composer fills volumes.
And then he started building like mad. Ludwig II was the last King who, in this way, wa able to realise his idea of life as a total work of art - he failed because of the change of the times and the misunderstanding of his environment. Today, the world praises his unipue castles, millions of visitors admire the magnificent buildings of Neuschwanstei Castle, Linderhof Castle and Herrenchiemsee Castle. These buildings and the enormous sums of money spent - the three castles cost 31 millions guldens - led to the King's indiction. An expense, which, granted, today seems significantly more sensible than near 90 million guldens which were literally pulverised in the wars in Bavaria of his time.

King-Ludwig, a notable People


day 1:
Arrive Starnberg: 3 miles

day 2:
Walk to Herrsching, fairy or taxi to Diessen: 13 miles

day 3:
Walk to Paterzell: 11 miles

day 4:
Walk to Peiting: 9 miles

day 5:
Walk to Wildsteig: 12 miles

day 6:
Walk to Buching: 12 miles
day 7:
Walk to Füssen: 15 miles
day 8:
Onward travel


7 overnights with breakfast
luggage transport from hotel to hotel
Fairy or Taxi Starnberg - Leoni/Berg
Fairy or Taxi Herrsching - Dießen am Ammersee
3 maps 1 : 50.000 pro room
1 discription  pro room
1 Pin King–Ludwig–Way

1 person in a double-room 572,00 €, single-room 698,00 €
for 4 and more persons 
pro Person in double-rooms  518,00 €, single-room 644,00 €

From Munich to Starnberg withe the "S-Bahn"

day 1
Arrival in Starnberg
Check in, "
Hotel Bayerischer Hof
Welcome and afterwards you´ll get your travelpapers and informations to the hike.
With Ship or taxe to Leoni or Berg to visit the "Votiv-Chapel" - memories to the dead

Fresko in the "Votivkapelle"

of King-Ludwig. You walk to Starnberg back, 3 miles.


day 2
Starting in Starnberg you follow the marked way to the "Maisinger Schlucht", "Maising" , "Aschering" and "Andechs" with its famous brewery and through the "Kiental" to Herrsching

and then with the fairy over the "Ammersee" to "Diessen".
Overnight Hotel "Seefelderhof"

day 3

In "Diessen" you walk through the "Herrnstrasse" to the church of Maria, "Marienmuenster".

After watching the church you walk to Wessobrunn,  the home of famous baroque architects.

From Wessobrunn to "Paterzell" in the yew forest.
Overnight in the "Hotel Eibenwald".

day 4

Starting in "Paterzell" you walk to the "Hohenpeissenberg",    wonderful lookout in 3260 ft. / 988 m heigh.
You can see about 80 peaks if you have a good  weather.

Afterwards you walk through the first part of the "Ammerschlucht" the bavarian canyon.
Overnight in Peiting,
"Hotel Pfaffenwinkel"

day 5
After a big breadfast you´ll walk down to the "Ammerschlucht" to Rottenbuch with a wonderful
monaesterychurch of the 12. century.

 In Rottenbuch you are going on the lookoutway with sight to the mountains upto Wildsteig.

Overnight "
Hotel Post"

day 6
 On the next morning you are walking to the Wieschurch the wonderful building of the brothers Zimmermann and the UNENSCO-cultural heritage.

From here on the way to "Trauchgau" and "Buching", overnight in the "
Hotel Bannwaldsee".

day 7

From Buching you´ll walk between the Forggen- and Bannwaldlake to the Pöllathscanyon and up to the "Marienbruecke"

Here you´ll enjoy the wonderful lookout over the way you´ve gone.
From the castle Neuschwanstein you´ll walk down to the castle Hohenschwangau and on the Alproseway between alplake and Schwanlake to the fall of the river Lech.
Overnight in "
Hotel Sonne
" in Fuessen.

day 8
When you have breakfast you can leave Füssen.
There's also a railway station with trains, always with one or two changes to Munich and to the Airports Munich or Memmingen.

Onward travel to Starnberg:
By Air to airport Muc,
From Airport Munich Franz Josef Strauss to the S-Bahn (S1 or S8) towards the city, to S-Bahn station Laim (S1) or Marienplatz (S8), change to the S6 towards Tutzing to stop Bahnhof Starnberg (not Station Starnberg Nord ).

You'll never walk alone